The Team of Top privacy s.r.o.  offers comprehensive services to harmonise your company’s processes and procedures with the GDPR requirements. Our services are provided in Slovak, Czech, and English.

We are ready to provide you with the following services:

Full incorporation of GDPR into the life of your organisation, including

basic analysis of the existing processes carried out by data controller processing personal data – it is the first and important step to map your organisation’s readiness for the new regulation, and then elaborate recommendations to change your current settings, or to adopt new measures. The basic analysis consists of a legal analysis (assessment of legal titles for processing, contract documentation, range, efficiency, etc.) as well as a technical analysis (security, accessibility, personal data management, etc.) and an organisational analysis (authorisations, permissions, management, DPO, etc.);

proposed changes to the existing procedures and organisational measures and introduction of new necessary processes – based on the analysis we will prepare a plan of recommendations and suggestions for aligning the current processing of personal data in your organisation with the GDPR;

implementation of the proposed measures – means incorporating the new requirements under the GDPR, removing or modifying processes considered as non-conforming under the new legislation, implementing security measures in the real-life operation of the data controller, preparing internal rules, complying with the specific obligations arising from the GDPR;

training – the final step in the process of harmonisation with the GDPR is to train your organisations’ human resource structures involved in the practical implementation of new duties.

Services of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) according to Article 37 of the GDPR

– we will provide a member of our team as an officer who is fully qualified as required by the GDPR. According to the GDPR, designation of a data protection officer is mandatory, subject to some conditions defined. However, data controllers may decide to designate a data protection officer even if they are not subject to the conditions.

A data protection officer is an institute which allows data controllers to constantly oversee the accuracy and correctness of personal data management practices in the organisation. This service includes the execution of all legislative duties as dictated directly by the GDPR and the law. Put simply, it is a kind of regular monitoring of the accuracy and correctness of personal data processing.

Consulting and advice

provided to you by our team of experts specialised the relevant fields. If necessary, we can also ensure representation in proceedings before the Office for Personal Data Protection.